I can’t…

M: You’re not gonna tell me, yeah?

P: What is it?

M: It’s you. Seriously, P?

P: Calm down, M. What-is-it?

M: Are you leaving us?

P: (silent moment) Yes, but no.

M: Yes but no? You kidding me?? (high volume)

P: I’m not kidding you. Yes, I am leaving our team. But no, I am not leaving you, or us.. Okay? Don’t freak out, M.

M: (inhales deeply) I can’t work like this, not without you.

P: Of course you can. You are the strongest person here, well, after the boss..

M: Can you just stay here? Please?

P: (silent) I can’t. I want to, but I really can’t as I have to be with my family. So so sorry, M. Why don’t you come with me?

M: (silent) I can’t. You know that I can’t, I’m so so sorry…

P: Just think about it, take your time, and call me whenever you’re ready.


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